Saturday, October 25, 2014

What Would LC do - 10 life lessons that The Hills have taught us

Ever since the early days of Laguna Beach and through out the years on The Hills , One thing stayed the same with Lauran Condrad ; she always gives the best advice . Whether it's about friends , boyfriends , make ups or break ups you can always count on LC to rely on to get you through the tough times. Here are some of the lessons she has taught us.

1) Ending relationships are tough for everyone. Whether you’re trying to move on from an ex-boyfriend or breaking up from your best friend , LC has taught us that no matter what situation you’re going through it's going to be tough times .  Its always good to cry and let it out.

2) It’s the quality of your friends , not the quantity . Having a stable group of a few close friends is key. Fake friends are not worth it .

3) Happiness is key. If you’re in a relationship where you are not happy then it’s probably not worth the stress and drama. Don’t be in a relationship with someone just for the sake of it. You should be with someone that treats you right not that makes you think you’re not good enough . 

4) Life isn’t fair. Sometimes you just have to look on the positive sides of situations even if you think that nothing is going right. Just think everything happens for reason .Things have to get worse before they get better.  But instead of dwelling on it you can accept it as it is and move forward

5) You can’t trust everyone you like. Don’t trust someone too fast. Wait a while before you talk about your secrets, work out who's real and who's there just to cause drama.

6) Always choose Paris. Don’t ever let anyone stand in your way between you and any opportunities in life because you'll always think about the' what if's'

8) Not everyone is out to get you. There are some people that want the best for you . Most of the time we always hear things how everyone is out to get you and we forget that we all have people in our lives that want to see us happy

9) Saying goodbye is hard especially to someone who you used to be close to, but sometimes it’s the best thing to do. Move on from people who cause too much negativity, its best just to cut them out your life.

10) Most importantly , Forgive and Forget ( Take that how you want)

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