Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trick or Treat - Hockey Halloween Social

Last night was the Hockey Halloween social  which i'd been looking forward to for ages because hockey always go full out. Instead of the normal routine of choosing our own costume ,each team had to wait till the night to find out what they would be wearing. Each team had a different choice of costume and all members of the team wore the same outfit,  which made it easier to find people for when I decide to walk off and lose everyone. I literally had no idea what the 3's would be wearing , all we were told was to dress in all black. Naturally I thought we were going to be cats or witches , so it was a total surprise when we were turned into pumpkins !

It was such a clever idea. We pretty much just cut a pumpkin face onto an orange t-shirts . That simple. Then we all put our hair into high buns and sprayed green and orange  hairspray on (trying to wash out the hairspray was out this morning was such a pain though .) The look was finished off with green eyeshadow and green liquid eyeliner for the make-up. It was such a good night , probably the best night I have had with hockey so far.

We all look so good 

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