Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trick or Treat - Part 2 Costume

Continuing with the Halloween theme and from yesterdays make-up post , Im now going show you how to create a cute/haunting but scarily cheap Halloween costume . The whole look cost £11.50. This outfit was influenced by  my hockey social outfit from last week . The theme was 'When I Grow up' and I wanted to be a dancer ( even though i cant dance at all and haven't had a dance lesson ) , obviously it wasn't all blooded up when I wore it then.

I couldn't find a leotard anywhere so I popped into Primark and found a stretchy vest dress (if that's even a real thing ?) which looked like a leotard under the tutu. I didn't realise how ridiculously short the tutu was before buying it so I needed something to cover. I pretty much just cut into the t-shirt in random places to give it a ripped effect . Using the fake blood I just randomly throw it on making sure it wasn't too neat , I would apply the blood using a foundation brush  around the cut areas though .I did this a few days before I'm going to wear it so that it dries. I then just applied the fake blood with a brush onto the tutu . Its so simple but it looks really effective when everything comes together.

Products Used  
T-shirt/Dress from Primark - £3.50
Tutu from PartyPlanet - £8.00
Fake blood from ClintonsCards - £1.50 

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