Monday, October 13, 2014

Monthly Favourites

Every month I'll be reviewing and blogging about some beauty products, clothing and other random stuff that I've really liked that month. 

The first product that I really love is the Rimmel Lodnon Scandeleyes Mascara in Extreme Black. I’m literally obsessed with mascara , I can never use a whole tube before buying a new one. I'm always buying mascara . I first used this back in my first year of uni and fell in love with it ever since. I've recently re-purchased this before going back to uni because I knew it would be reliable during freshers week . It definitely gives my lashes a more  volumized look and leaves them clump free.

Collection Luscious Lashes Natural is another beauty product that I'm loving at the moment. I don't normally wear fake eyelashes on nights because I never thought they suited me , but I picked these up spontaneously because they were on offer at the time. They're really affordable at £2.99 which is really good considering I don't wear fake eyelashes and trying them out. I would really recommend these for first time users or for people on a budget because they are really good quality and easy to apply(If I can  apply them anyone can do it ).The only issue is that you do have to apply quite a bit of glue for them to firmly stick ,especially in the corners. But they are re-usable , although I have had to re-purchase them a few times because I'm forever losing them on nights out (my fault not the products) 

One of my favourite hair care products ever is Batiste Dry Shampoo , so when I heard that they have a dry conditioner I had to try it out. I don't know why but I find the concept of dry conditioner a little weird but I guess it's pretty much like a leave in conditioner. Just like their dry shampoo it smells really nice but a little artificial. It did leave my hair really smooth and shinny though .Because I have dark hair I was worried that it would leave  white 'dust' in my hair but it didn't which is a bonus. 

I'm really lazy when it comes to my skin care routine. Its really bad to admit that but I never find the time to do everything and being back at uni my skin care routine is just one more thing I need to remember to do.Also I dont like the thought of using too many products on my face , so Nivea Daily Essentials 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner is perfect. Being a 2 in 1 product means I'm using less products on my face and I'm cutting down time on my skincare routine, which means I have more time for to get on with my uni work( suppose to be anyway). I think having a good toner and cleanser is really important especially if your skin isn't in a great condition . This product makes your skin look and feel really fresh and soft . I pretty much use it both in the morning and at night and it lasts for ages as well because you only need to apply a small amount of it . I really like the smell of it too. It smells a bit of sun cream which is weird but it always reminds me of summer. 

I'm loving the fact that it is Autumn because I finally wear my White Faux Fur Headband from New Look which I bought this  back in mid September. I saw it in store and bought it because I was scared by the time Autumn came around it wouldn't be in store anymore. I was really excited to wear it the other day because it was finally cold enough to wear it . The only problem was that it was raining outside and I didn't want to get it wet so I just wore it around the house. Its so soft , I love it . Definitely going to be wearing all winter.

The first non fashion / beauty item on the list is the TV series Fresh meat. I discovered this when I got Netflix when I got back to uni. I must of watched 2 series in about a day, It's a seriously good handover cure . I love everything with Jack Whitehall in , he never fails to make me laugh.So happy when they put series three up but I'm feel lost now that I've watched all of them now.

The second non fashion / beauty item that I've been loving this month is Ariana Grande's new album (My Everything). I didn't know what to expect from this album and it didn't disappoint , its probably my favourite album that I've listened to in a long time. I pretty much love every song  . Its constantly on repeat when I'm doing my uni work . She has definitely ditched the Nickelodeon/Disney image that she had in her previous album for a more grown up and honest image. Highlights on the album:  One Last Time , My Everything, We Try , J
ust a Little Bit of Your Heart ,Problem & Break Free. 

Disclaimer : all views our my own opinions 

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