Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trick or Treat - Part 1 Make-up

Halloween is pretty much my favourite time of year ,well second favourite after Xmas. Being at university there's so much going on this year, which isn't good for my bank balance . Its every university students dilemma at around this time of year though , what do I dress up for Halloween  without spending all my overdraft ? .So I'm pretty much going to show you  how you can solve this problem by showing you my look that im going to use for Halloween this year ,starting with the make-up  .Its easy , quick and cheap . I had all these products already in my make-up bag so I didn't really spend anything on this look but you can use any other products that are similar.

Being naturally really pale I didn't really need to use any white face paint for the base but obviously if your skin is tanned or darker white face paint is an option . If you are going to use face paint I would recommend using a an old clean foundation brush to apply it with just because it produces a more even coverage and its easier to apply. A cream paint is always the best option  , which is basically like a £1 from any shop .Hardly breaking the budget .

If you are pale like me I would suggest using your normal foundation or a shade lighter than you normally would . I just used the Rimmel Match Perfection in Light Porcelain which is my everyday one .

Next I created the smokey eyes with the Undressed Pallet from MUA. Im not the best when it comes it eye make-up so I  just applied shade 11 all over the eye and underneath as well . Clearly if your better at make-up than me  and better at creating a real smokey eye than do that . I actually use the eyeshadow to contour the cheekbones as well , I found that it showed up better than actually using black face paint

To create the stitches I just used a black liquid eyeliner .Simple . I would go over the top on them because then it would just look like one black mess, three or four will do. I would recommend drawing them on quite large as I tired smaller ones which just ended up looking like black spots in photos (not a good look.) . I also added a little bit of fake blood with a foundation brush on them to give it more of a realistic effect

Lastly I just added a little bit of colour to the lips to give it more of a going out feel . I love the Sleek True Colour lipstick in Cherry , its really moisturizing and leaves your lips feeling soft and looking glossy, Everything that has been used can also be re-used into your normal make-up routine.


Products used 

Fake Blood  from Clintions Card  - £1.00 
Face Paint ( Optional ) from  Poundland - £1.00 for both black and white .
Rimmel Match Perfection From Superdrug - £6.99 
MUA Undressed eyeshadow pallet from Superdrug - £4.00 
Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner from Superdrug  - £2.99 
Sleek True Colour lipstick from Superdrug -  £4.99 

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