Sunday, October 19, 2014

UPDATE : Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

I don't think I'll ever understand guys , there so confusing . One minuet they want to talk to you , the next they don't and then they get mad because they have stopped talking to you even though they were ignoring you in the first place. Ughhh . Or they will only talk to you when there drunk . I dont know if im being naive but i also fall for it because i always think people are gonna change . Im starting to think that all guys are idiots , they cause so much drama . Definitely just going to stick with the hockey girls on nights out because it's so much less stressful to hang out with the girl than go get involve in messy boy drama , ive had enough of that over the past year.  

One thing I've learnt in the past year is that there not really worth it . Honestly take it from me , there not worth falling out with friends over or losing friends  for . I've made some horrible mistakes with my friends over guys that I wish that never happened . I know it sounds really cheesy but your friends will always be there for you no matter what , guys will just come and go . When things go wrong with guys you will always need your friends there. I've learnt this the hard way. Just don't abandon your friends , friendship should always come before relationships . I've missed out on so many things just because of a boy , looking back on everything I regret so much . I let both my friendship suffer and my work suffer to and was it really worth it in the end ? No Not really . Then why do I still care about someone who doesn't care about me ? On the other hand why should i care about him. I'm will be stupid if I let a boy effect my degree. Is he really worth scarifying a 1st for . I honestly don't know anymore . I'm so torn . Help ? 

Any excuse for a LC gif 

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