Friday, October 10, 2014

My hair histroy

Im forever changing my hair colour .I don't know what it is about dying your hair , but when I'm in a rubbish mood and feeling a bit down dying my makes me feel 10 times better.  When I was really younger I used to be naturally really blonde but it darkened over time. I've been dying my hair ever since I was 14 but only stayed with blonde shades because I was too scared to try anything too drastic. Both my sister are naturally blonde as well , and both have been braver than me and have both dyed their hair dark brown and it really suited them . During the Summer i decided it was finally time to change my hair colour drastically , so i said goodbye to my blonde hair and hello to brunette hair. The result didn't really meet my expectations , My hair doesn't really take colour very well which is annyoing when I want to change it. The first attempt didn't really live up to what I had hoped...........

It was really what I was hoping for , it looked abit mousy and faded pretty quickly. My hairdresser suggested buying a box dye which had a hint of red in it to give it more depth and richness. I went for a mahogany colour as my sister had used it before and it looked really nice on her. 

I loved the result. It was exactly how I wanted it to look like, People kept saying how nice it looked and it really suited me. The colour lasts for ages  I did have to use two boxes as my hair is really long and thick . It was worth it . Now that winter is comming  I wanted to change it again .So I've gone for a more deep violet/ plum colour . 

Superdrug have a buy one get one half price offer on all hair dyes  at the moment . So i took advantage of it and bought two of the Colour Vibrance Superdrtug dyes in Very Violet. I  must of stood there for at least 45 minutes debating between this colour and the cosmic purple color. In the end I chose the Very Violet one as the other one seemed to more a a Burgundy colour. I  only  ended up using on of them in the end , so I might just use it as a top up one one the roots or keep it as a spear for when it starts to fade.I will post the results in a later post 

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