Tuesday, October 14, 2014

50 Random Facts Tag

Basically this tag is going around YouTube and thought it would be a good idea to do it on my blog so you can all get to know me :)

1. My older sister chose my middle name and I hate it (Its Jane by the way)

2. I have 1 older brother and 2 sisters. One is older than me and the other is my twin sister.
3.I am the older twin by two minutes.
4.I am kind of shy but I like going out and meeting new people .
5.I hate being on my own . I can't be on my own for more than an hour , I always have to be around people .
6.I over think things way too much, which is why I can't be on my own for too long.
7. I'm pretty much obsessed with sock and pyjamas. Every time I go shopping I have to buy new socks and pyjamas. 
8. I have a love /hate relationship with horror films. I'm always in the mood for a horror film but hate having to sleep after. I sleep with the light on after watching a horror film.
9. I am single.
10. I have four piercings (Ear lobes, Ear Cartilage, Belly Button and Nose) 
11. I have one tattoo (flying birds on the bra line). I'm planning to get a second one done at Christmas.
12. I always get angry at my mum for not putting me in dance class when i was younger .I wish I could dance. 
13. I'm the clumsiest person I know. 
14. I broke my nose once on a night. It’s not a good story. I basically passed out while being sick over a toilet and slammed my face on the seat and floor ( it’s my favourite story to tell new people because I say I got into a fight) 
15. I got a black eye at work. Again it’s not a good story (told you I'm really clumsy)
16. I'm either really early for stuff or really late, there's no in-between.
17. I can’t start any of my uni work unless my room is super clean.
18. I worry a lot. 
19. When I don't play hockey I get really stressed out.  
20. I hate losing contact with people 
21. I will listen to a song I really like on repeat until I don't like it anymore 
22. I'm easily distracted
23. I drink way too much Coca-Cola. It’s pretty much an addiction which I blame my media teacher because she would always bring it in for us every lesson.
24.I study Advertising and Marketing at university but wish i chose something different like Law, Criminology or Forensic Science.
25. I love crime documentary which is a little weird. 
26. I'm easily distracted.
27. When I was younger I wanted to be model after watching Americas Next Top Model, and then realized I had to be realistic that it was never going to happen.
28. I was going to be in film when I was a baby but I didn't have the right hair colour for the part.
29. I have a fear of flying 
30. I want to go travel after university (Hard when you have a fear of flying) 
31. I've been told that I’m too nice, which I don’t know if that’s a compliment or insult.
32. I tend to get on better with boys than I do with girls. 
33. I don’t think before I speak.
34. I'm always changing my hair colour.
35. Up until recently I had never used a washing machine.
36. I am 20 years old 
37. I'm terrible at cooking.
38. I pretty much hate the smell of coconut after a bad experience with Malibu (see 14.)
39. I love winter but I hate being cold.
40. I love Disney films.

41. The Lion King and The Little Mermaid are my favourite Disney films. 

42. I still haven’t learned to drive.

43. My last job was working in retail.  
44. When I feel comfortable around you, you will probably think I am a complete weirdo. 
45. I take too many selfies 
46. As much as I really dislike the Kardashians I love watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
47. I pretty much live in my pyjamas. Unless I’m going out somewhere i change into them as soon as I get back from uni. 
48. I've started getting into the habit of bringing random stuff home from nights out, practically people's glasses.
49. I still suck my thumb. Don't judge me.
50. I've never had a pet .

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